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Wish I was out watching the supermoon, but all I've got is icky orange clouds. :'(

However, the bad weather has forced me to stay inside and write. :-)

Three Phoenix!verse stories are in various stages of completion:
  • One, tentatively titled Bonfire Night, I hope to have done this weekend (I need a beta if anyone's interested). It's a bit darker than Master of Puppets was and introduces several of Hermione's minions other than Draco.
  • One might get re-tooled to be a longer origin story (it's not the beginning, but still very early on, as is).
  • The last, which is mostly post-Master of Puppets, has just begun and is far darker, and already even Draco is feeling sorry for Ron Weasley. *evil grin*

Bonfire Night Sneak Peek:

There were few things about the Muggle world Draco Malfoy liked. His wife for one; music another, the harder rock strains that were mostly unknown in the Wizarding world drifting out of the speakers connected to his iPod. The computer and the Internet, once he'd learned how to use them, rounded out the list.

He loved the computer. It made his job so much easier, with its spreadsheets and accounting software and databases and nearly unbreakable encryption. It made communicating easier, without owls to get lost or intercepted. He could check the Muggle news, the stock market and even the American Wizarding news with nothing more than a click of the mouse. He could keep all of his music in one place without changing records or CDs. He even loved the games.

It was the best invention ever, in his opinion. Too bad there was no magical equivalent.

The computer was the reason he spent so much time in his study at home, rather than at his apothecary or at the casino. Hogsmeade didn't have Internet access – he could barely even get a mobile signal, much to his utter disappointment – and he wasn't meant to be seen around the casino offices, lest they be connected to him by the Aurors.

It didn't fit his image to be so familiar with Muggle technology and his image was important to Hermione's security and continued anonymity.

It also didn't fit his image, public or private, to be obsessively checking his email every half hour. If it were not for this little quirk, it would've been much longer before he picked up the urgent email from Hannah Abbott.

He pulled out his mobile and immediately called Hermione.

"We've got a leak."

I've also got about half a legal pad filled with a HBP AU called Invictus, handwritten. Hoping to get it typed this week and advanced beyond where it is.

I doubt anyone on my flist is reading it, but I've got another couple chapters of Just Between Friends almost ready to go. It's actually the next chapter that's giving me trouble, I've got quite a bit already done past that. I think I might be about half done with the story, possibly 75-80 chapters total. :D


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